Redeem Gift Card

Redeem your Gift Card

If you received gift card from a friend or from one of our marketing partners this is the place to redeem it.

Just enter the gift card number below and the valued credit will be added to your Profile

Enter your Gift Card number

How do I get a Gift Card?

We do give away gift cards from time to time as part of special promotions or as gifts for members, but the easiest way to get a gift card is directly from a friend. Every new member at Choxi receives 5 free $10 gift cards to give away by email to friends and family; so if you know another Choxi shopper don’t be shy, ask them to send one to you!

How do I find the Gift Card Number?

When you open up your email from Choxi you should see an image of your Gift Card. You’ll see the number clearly written right on the front.

How do I use my Gift Card to make a purchase?

It’s easy! Just click the link in the email to be taken to a place to redeem your Gift Card number, fill in the required info and the amount of the card will be credited directly to your account. On your next purchase you’ll see an option at the bottom of the check-out page to use your gift card credits. Feel free to check your profile if you want to keep track of your gift card and purchase credits!

How can I send a Gift Card to a friend?

Every Choxi member receives 5 free $10 gift certificates to share with friends and family. Head into your profile and click on the Gift Card link, enter in your friends’ email addresses, press the “send” button and we’ll give them an invitation email that includes a free $10 Gift Card. If you’ve run out of Gift Cards but have more friends you’d like to invite, feel free to choose the “More Friends” option.

What are the rules of use for the Gift Card?

Just two simple rules! First, every purchase that uses Gift Card credits must be at least $30 before tax and shipping, and the second is that every Gift Card expires 48 hours from when it was first redeemed. So don’t forget you’ve got it!

How many gift cards or promotion codes can I collect/use?

We’re only able to send out one gift card per friend, with the credits being added to the account once the card is redeemed. If you’d received a promotion code, they can only be used one time for one purchase. Each gift card and promotion code are specifically intended for one member, and so can’t be used multiple times for different accounts.

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