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Men's Sterling Silver Genuine Diamond Accent "Dad" Ring - Assorted Finishes

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Men have adorned themselves with jewelry since the dawn of time: torcs, brooches, diadems, rings, and crowns have all historically conveyed status and power. And though trends change--thankfully the cross earring circa 1985 has gone out of style--donning precious metals and gems will remain one of the most time-honored and fashionable ways to assert status. As such, this Dad ring is for the fathers with an eye for style and a love for their brood. This ring's unique styling and sterling silver band make this piece the perfect accessory for the classy, put-together papa.

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• Crafted from sterling silver
• Features "Dad" spelled on the diagonal amongst cubic zirconia accents: 0.02ctw
GUARANTEED LOWEST Shipped Price on the Internet!
• Jewelers Club Guarantee
• Manufacturer's USA warranty
• 100% original, authentic, genuine, and branded
• Exclusive price for Choxi
• Highly recommended with a 5-star rating
• Available in your choice of Sterling Silver or Gold-Plated Sterling Silver
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