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100% Cotton Mood Shirts - Assorted Styles & Extended Sizes

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It's been a long day at work and you've just sat through the longest meeting in the history of meetings. The good news is that work is almost over. The bad news is that you've worked through lunch and you're suffering from a combination of hunger and utter annoyance. Rest easy though, because these symptoms are common and are know as being "hangry." It's your duty to let the world know how you feel (before you have to snap at someone) with these hunger and anger indicating mood shirts. Made of 100% cotton, this shirt will give off an early warning sign to passersby as well as friends and well-wishers that you have not sufficiently met your daily food intake. You can't always help how you feel, but you can at least give people a heads up.

Want to know more?
• 100% cotton
• Graphic tee
• Assorted sizes S-XXL
• Available in Black (Hangry Mode) & Green (Hulk Mode)